My Motherhood Manifesto

If we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll never get there. That’s probably one of the biggest truths I gleaned during my professional career. It’s hard to believe as I sit here in my yoga pants with sticky kid messes underfoot, but I was once a deeply driven, overly ambitious business professional. 🙂 I spent endless hours learning the art of non-profit fundraising, branding and marketing, and loving every minute! And while day-to-day life looks a lot different now, IRead more

When Motherhood Takes Grit

That place where parenting expectations, spoken but mostly unspoken, rub up against reality like 60 grit sandpaper to the soul… that’s where I’m at right now.Read more

No Strings Attached

Amidst the poetry that is cooking dinner, cleaning crumbs, kissing sweet sticky baby cheeks, breaking up fights, wiping smears, giving bear hugs, teaching character, giving baths, hunting for missing socks, and rewashing the load of laundry that sat in the washer too long, I have these extremely fleeting moments where words start pelting my mind in waves. It’s like the dusty whirlwind of my head settles for a millisecond, and in that millisecond, the 5,000 thoughts that have been disjointedlyRead more

My Faith Journey

coming soon….this is a long one…you’ve been warned 😉 “The beauty doesn’t diminish the grit. The grit doesn’t diminish the beauty. I’m stuck in between. How do I reconcile the two as a person of faith in a loving God?”Read more

When We Don’t Know All the “Things”

Let me preface by being vulnerably honest: I struggle, I mean STRUGGLE, to form hard-lined opinions about some of the things going on in the world. And to admit that feels, to be honest, like the most genuine, coherent statement I can make right now. I’m constantly distracted by the barrage of viewpoints that all assert dominance, that all prove their supposed infallibility, that all claim this is the only way and it’s black and white and it’s really quiteRead more