Developing a Culture of Reading

One of my goals in life is to raise avid readers–who actually enjoy reading. 🙂 There are literally books everywhere in our house, and we are constantly reading aloud: picture books, colorful children’s encyclopedias, cookbooks, seek and find books, biographies, short chapter books, and everything in between. I can honestly say this is one of my FAVORITE parts of our daily life right now! One way I hope to help the boys turn to books as entertainment is to saturateRead more

Commonplace Book

I came across the idea of a Commonplace Book recently, and I LOVE it! It’s a journal at its essence, but a journal with a special job to do. It’s meant to be a personal thought catalog, a way to organize and tangibly tether the amazing ideas we encounter, and a way to propel our thought lives forward as we read and just go about our everyday lives.Read more